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Yuri Pattison 'sunset provision'

The Douglas Hyde Gallery is delighted to present the first iteration of a new 'Gallery 3' screening series with a work by Yuri Pattison, one of the most influential artists addressing the impact of digital technology on both infrastructure and everyday life.

Yuri Pattison 'sunset provision'
30 April – 13 May 2020

Yuri Pattison works across video, sculpture, and online platforms to explore the political, material and social consequences of the rapid development of technology. His works move across platforms and materialities, connecting off- and on- line spaces.

'sunset provision' (2020 ~ ) is an ongoing work which generates an evolving seascape in real time within a web browser.
Please visit the link below to read more about this work and to find out how you can view it. It will be available for two weeks, from 30 April - 13 May, 2020.

The Douglas Hyde Gallery's Gallery 3 projects have always ventured beyond the walls of the space, developing imaginative ways to work with artists and engage new audiences. Over the coming months, we are delivering a series of new programmes through the gallery’s website and across social media.

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